Yet Another Mass Shooting Incident ~ Shootings Increase Since Biden Takes Office

After shooting incidents in Virginia Beach, Virginia, on Friday night, at least nine people were injured, with two of them killed.

Multiple gunshots were detected just after 11 p.m. local time Friday by police monitoring the 1900 block of Atlantic Avenue in a tourist city. However, according to Virginia Beach Police Chief Paul Neudigate, at least eight shooting casualties were discovered at the scene of the crime, in the vicinity of 17th Street and 22nd Street.

The severity of any of these incidents may be life-threatening. With minor injuries, one Virginia Beach policeman was taken to the facility. According to investigators, one adult woman survivor died at the site of her bullet wounds.

According to police, there are still no suspect details known about this shooting.

Another crime scene was found at a second site, where a man “related to the aforementioned attack” interacted with a cop, resulting in a police-involved incident. Authorities also confirmed that one of the suspected male suspects has died.

“As is normal practice,” the police said in a statement early Sunday, “the officer concerned will be put on administrative duty awaiting the results of the inquiry.” “The officer in question is a part of the Special Operations Branch. For the last five years, the policeman has served for the service.

Authorities say they have some suspects in detention, although it’s unknown if they were involved in any of the shootings.

Initially, Virginia Beach police reported that there had been an incident on the beach with several casualties.

The VBPD is looking into a shooting that resulted in many people suffering from potentially life-threatening wounds. Around 17th and 22nd Avenues, there is a significant police presence on the oceanfront. “Please stay away from the region at this moment,” the department said on Twitter.

Six patients with bullet wounds are being treated at Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital, according to ABC News. Their circumstances were unavailable at the time.

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