Well That Was Quick ~ Sanctions On Russia Already

On Tuesday, the White House reported that President Joe Biden had placed the first sanctions on Russia for their poisoning and abduction of opposition leader Alexei Navalny, a State Department official stated on Monday.

As reported on Tuesday morning, the Biden admin sanctioned seven “high ranking” Russian officials and applied one state research institute and 13 companies to its trade restrictions.

The statement was greeted with criticism, as many blamed the administration for not going far enough. The Russian Foreign Ministry, however, criticized the statement as an “antagonistic anti-Russian offensive devoid of rationale and sense” and once again asked concerns about Navalny’s poisoning.

In conjunction with the European Union, 27 member states announced additional sanctions on four Russian officials over the detention of protester Aleksey Navalny, the bloc’s first sanctions under the new human rights sanctions policy. The U.S. “is lagging behind the EU and UK” according to a top Biden intelligence source after former President Trump did not take action.

According to the conclusions of a public tribunal, Alexey Navalny, the main opposition representative to Russian President Vladimir Putin, is being sent to a remote prison camp to complete his two-and-a-half-year punishment. When he returned to Russia from Germany, he was apprehended for violating probation after being subjected to a chemical bomb.

The opposition political figure to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Navalny, has been sentenced to a prison camp where he will complete two and a half years of his two-and-a-half-year term, the commission reported on Sunday. After having been poisoned in Europe, he was later arrested and charged with a probation violation while he was in Russia.

Vladimir Putin

In a report published Monday, two International Community special rapporteurs have accused the Russian government, asserting that it tried to kill opposition leader Navalny and pointing to it as part of an “apparent trend of deliberate killings” aimed at silencing political opponents.

It was agreed to by the Biden administration’s second representative, who said the aggression on Navalny “tends to follow a disturbing trend of chemical agents use by Russia” and therefore warrants a reaction.

US Treasury added the head of the FSB, which replaced the Soviet Union’s KGB, along with Putin’s chief of presidential strategy director-general and another senior presidential aide, as well as two deputy defence ministers, Russia’s prosecutor general, and the director of federal prisons to the Specially Named Nationals registry.

Additionally, the Department of State has provided guidelines designed to restrict U.S. military exports to Russia, including for commercial space collaboration and sanctioned six Russian organisations that are part of Russia’s chemical weapons programme, it added.

Though financial sanctions were not imposed against the rich oligarchs and Putin loyalists close to Vladimir Putin, some of Navalny’s associates circulated a list of people’s names and made the argument that targeting Russia’s wealthiest elite would have a greater effect than targeting Russia’s senior officials.

The Russian Foreign Ministry announced that the sanctions would fail, and urged the United States “not to play with fire.”

“Calculations to force anything on Russia using sanctions or other coercion have previously failed, and will continue to fail,” the statement said on Tuesday. Despite the American sanctions prejudice, we will continue to rebuff any provocation.

Trump never took any steps to penalise Russia, at times even going so far as to challenge the argument that Navalny had been poisoned “It’s really sad, it’s bad.

It shouldn’t happen. We have not yet found any evidence, but I will search it out ” In September, he said that.

Recently President Donald Trump failed to act against Russia, on occasions even challenging the assumption that Navalny was poisoned: “It’s a shame, it’s bad, it shouldn’t happen but we have not yet found any evidence, but I will search it out” He said.

While the symbolic solidarity of US and EU sanctions sends a warning to Moscow, it is impossible to change Putin’s government’s calculus. Financial fines would have little effect, particularly for officials who have found ways to retain their properties despite prior restrictions, and few of these politicians are likely to move far outside Russia.

Biden said he will introduce a more hostile stance to Putin and conclude Trump’s rolling over in the face of Putin’s violence in countries like Ukraine, Venezuela, and the United States Of America.

To represent the American people, Biden has tasked the United States Intelligence Community to provide a briefing on the suspected poisoning of Navalny, as well as the SolarWinds hack, the bounty on U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan, and Russian election intervention. And as these unfavourable reviews remain, the government is continuing with proposals to penalise Navalny’s supporters.

Other analysts have recommended that the U.S. and its allies in the region should go even further concerning Navalny’s incarceration, but it seems that Biden would fail to do so and weaken his alliance with Europe even further. Administration officials announced Tuesday that the United States were “neither looking to reset our ties with Russia nor are we looking to intensify” with Russia.

Since Navalny was detained following his relocation to Russia, many Democratic and Republican US politicians have requested that more be done. Thousands of Russians took to the streets as a result, some of the biggest protests against the Kremlin in decades.

Late last month, the Democratic chairman and Republican leading member of the House Foreign Relations Committee sent a letter to Vice President Biden urging him to apply the penalties that are mandated under U.S. law for the use of a chemical weapon.

Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J., the chair of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, encouraged Biden to do more by saying, “Extra steps to help bolster our financial protections against dirty Russian money are needed, and I anticipate the government to take those actions.”

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