Travel Restrictions For Internal Travelers Lifted In New York

Non essential travellers from other states are free to travel to New York. The mandate ends April 1st.

After you arrive, you are required to complete the Traveler Health Form. Our state quarantine requirements remain in place, and everyone can also wear face masks for the duration of their stay; for the general population, it is advisable to avoid close contact with others and to home

The Vermont and Massachusetts Public Health Departments have also lifted the rule requiring two vaccination doses, a minimum of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine and two weeks after the second dose has taken place, to enter their respective states.

The only way we would be able to build up a sufficient supply of vaccinations is to meet demand is by increasing the number of vaccination centres and the number of people who need them. Age 60 and beyond are also applied to the registry of vaccination recipients.

Meanwhile, industry executives say that the travel market would return to the usual low levels as destinations such as theme parks, music concerts, and sports events usually pack up for the summer.

Six Flags is now advertising open for 1,500 seasonal jobs to open in May, and is taking applications now. Amtrak confirmed that long-distance trains would be back on the regular timetable by the end of May, and a total of 1,800 people were laid off because of the pandemic in the preceding months.

We’re not out of the woods yet, though.

Elise Stefanik asked to reopen the boundary between the United States and Canada in January of her second term. Since the early stages of the epidemic, the frontier has been sealed off. Higgins, an additional Congressman in upstate New York had previously requested that the boundary be reopened by Independence Day. the US/Canada boundary would have been closed for one year on March 20

Although no longer recommended, quarantine for domestic passengers is now expected, the Cuomo administration said in a press release today,” “This is wonderful news, but it can not be seen as a sign that the crisis is over. We must keep doing what has worked before—keeping our hands clean, wearing masks, and maintaining social distancing.”

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