This Has Got To Be The Nail In The Coffin For Cuomo

Andrew Cuomo is on the brink of losing his employment. He may be willing to retain his work for another day, week, or even longer. However, he has reached the point of no return in terms of politics. Given what has to be completed in the next two months alone—virtually the whole state of New York must be reopened—a figure as broken as Cuomo is clearly incapable of doing his work.

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Cuomo’s political obituary writers could refer to Friday morning as the point at which everything came crashing down. Yes, Cuomo has been dogged for some time, first by accusations that his government covered up nursing home accidents, then by a flurry of sexual assault, corruption, and other unethical behaviour allegations, as well as evidence of a workplace atmosphere governed by his megalomania and intimidation. Friday, on the other hand, was a day of one-by-one shoe drops.

Cuomo’s Dismissal Demanded

Cuomo’s dismissal has been demanded by more than a dozen representatives of New York’s congressional delegation. Some, like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Jamaal Bowman, embodied the Democratic Party’s left side, which has long been the governor’s main foe. Jerry Nadler and Sean Patrick Maloney, for example, were conservatives and longtime friends in the party.

Shortly afterward, every Long Island Liberal in the New York Senate, who had been one of Cuomo’s most powerful sources of funding for years, demanded that he resign. Then, in New York, Rebecca Traister conducted a detailed and damning report into the governor’s poisonous office atmosphere, along with further instances of horrific conduct. Soon after, The New York Times released a related investigation, calling his office “the toughest place to live,” according to state Senator Alessandra Biaggi, a former staffer.

Both of which took place over the span of an hour.

Fresh Reports Of Sexual Misconduct

Cuomo has been threatened for more than a month, but the condition has dramatically declined this week. Fresh reports of sexual conduct have emerged almost regularly, and demands to withdraw are the by the hour. The governor has been preparing to survive an impeachment investigation, working the telephone as usual to prevent representatives of New York’s State Assembly from deserting him. The initiative has generally succeeded thus far, but developments have started to outpace the possibility of impeachment.

Cuomo has been adamant, stating in a press conference on Friday afternoon that he would not submit to “cancel society.” Cuomo isn’t the one to resign. But it’s still unclear how he’ll finish out his time.

Who lawmakers equate themselves against will reveal a lot. Cuomo used to look up to FDR, a man who guided the nation through the Great Depression with poise and empathy. Cuomo modelled his regular Covid-19 briefings after FDR’s fireside talks, which those in the media picked up on. At the same time, Cuomo was linked to Joe Biden, mostly in a favourable way, with some asking for the New York governor to be appointed vice president or even to succeed Biden on the ballot.

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam

The governor’s aides are all referring to him by one name: Virginia Governor Ralph Northam. In early 2019, Northam was involved in a controversy when it was discovered that he had applied blackface whilst in medical school. Northam faced a barrage of demands for his resignation that was, in several respects, more intense than the one Cuomo is seeing now: all of Virginia’s leaders, as well as Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, and Hillary Clinton, all advocated for him to withdraw. Northam, on the other hand, did not quit and will, barring another unexpected controversy, end his term in office with a lengthy list of successes and a strong approval rating.

Cuomo, on the other hand, is in a somewhat different position than Northam. Since his future rivals were still engulfed in controversies around the same period, the Virginia governor was able to stay in power. Justin Fairfax, the Lieutenant Governor, has been convicted of sexual harassment. Attorney General Mark Herring confessed to donning blackface as well. Kathy Hochul, Cuomo’s lieutenant governor, on the other side, is a stolid civil servant who remains untouched by the latest controversies engulfing Cuomo.

Cuomo Has Spent A Decade In Office Insulting Lawmakers

Under demands from the presidents of Virginia’s two legislative chambers to withdraw, Northam was able to easily restore certain bonds, which Cuomo obviously cannot do. Cuomo has spent a decade in office harassing, cajoling, and insulting lawmakers who sit in these bodies. Although the State Assembly has traditionally been more obedient than the Senate, which is more or less in total revolt, Cuomo has spent a decade in office bullying, cajoling, and shaming politicians who sit in these bodies. Payback is a part of what we’re doing today. There is an unprecedented level of bad blood in the Senate, due in part to Cuomo’s attempt to single-handedly keep a Political coalition from taking place for many years.

Cuomo’s new role model for surviving a nearly never-ending stream of crippling disclosures is Donald Trump, with whom he shares more than a passing similarity. Cuomo, like Trump, is a brute who enjoys seeing himself as a strong guy. He enjoys bashing the press and insulting opponents, much like Trump. Cuomo now has little alternative but to follow Trump’s lead and attack the journalists, his accusers, and his opponents while continuing to act as though no controversy exists. Unlike Trump, however, several members of his own party are trying to keep him accountable.

Cuomo Is A Master Of The Dark Arts

Unfortunately for Cuomo, the last month has shown that his techniques aren’t especially efficient. Although Cuomo has developed a reputation as a master of the dark arts, capable of twisting weapons, the controversies he is currently embroiled in prove that his approach to politics has hindered rather than fostered progress. And though he isn’t bogged down with controversy, this guy is inept.

Cuomo, in the end, has the final say. He has the choice of being more Trumpian and reinventing himself as a martyr of the cancel culture. If he does this, he will well keep his position, just not to influence. With what New York needs to do in the next three months, stepping back is the only prudent choice. Cuomo currently has little to sell, and everybody is aware of this.

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