After UK racism Report Racial Advisor Quits

After UK Racism Report Racial Advisor Quits

According to a study on inequalities released on Thursday, the government added, but the most senior and influential member of the country’s black civil service team has stepped down the day before the upcoming elections, having completed ten years in his post, who was the highest-ranking senior official from the nation’s black community in charge … Read more

11 Million School Kids To Be Vaccinated In The UK

11 Million School Kids To Be Vaccinated In The UK

Children will begin receiving coronavirus vaccines in August, according to sources, as the system operates to achieve maximum immunity. According to a leaked plan published by The Telegraph, upwards of 11 000 000 children below the age of 18 will be vaccinated months ahead of schedule by the start of the autumn semester. The government … Read more

Should All Men face A 6PM Curfew? Baroness Jones Thinks Yes

Baroness Jones

A Green Party peer proposed that after 6 p.m. men could be prohibited from being outside to render people “even better” following the kidnappings and attempted murder of Sarah Everard in London. Baroness Jones made this remark after a vote on domestic abuse in the House of Lords. The topic of the protection of women … Read more