Joe Biden Tries To Lock In Gun Laws That Cannot Be Undone

Joe Biden Tries To Lock In Gun Laws That Cannot Be Undone

Vartan Nylen, an advisor for the Obama administration, has indicated that the White House plans to craft many executive orders for President Biden to sign in order to prevent Biden from enacting certain legislation that might be easily undone in the courts, which is the White House intention, but gun control activists such as Everytown for … Read more

North Korea Ramping Up It’s Nuclear Deterrent Since Biden’s Election

North Korea Ramping Up It's Nuclear Deterrent Since Biden's Election

North Korea violated sanctions imposed by launching a test flight of a newly produced offensive guided missile on Thursday. It was North Korea’s first ballistic missile launch in a year, as well as the first aggression of the Biden presidency, leading President Joe Biden to risk responses if problems on the Korean Peninsula intensify further. … Read more

Yet Another Mass Shooting Incident ~ Shootings Increase Since Biden Takes Office

Yet Another Shooting Incident Shootings Increase Since Biden Takes Office

After shooting incidents in Virginia Beach, Virginia, on Friday night, at least nine people were injured, with two of them killed. Multiple gunshots were detected just after 11 p.m. local time Friday by police monitoring the 1900 block of Atlantic Avenue in a tourist city. However, according to Virginia Beach Police Chief Paul Neudigate, at … Read more

Biden Calls To End The Filibuster

Biden Calls To End The Filibuster

President Biden hinted that he could be open to moving past what he’s introduced in terms of parliamentary filibuster change, or even abolishing it completely, and he stressed the significance of the civil rights bills that Democrats are pursuing in the Senate. “We’ll have to move above what I’m talking about if there’s total lockdown … Read more

Government Secret Service Involved In Biden Gun Incident

Government Secret Service Involved In Biden Gun Incident

Politico confirmed Thursday that Secret Service agents were involved in an altercation in which Hunter Biden’s wife Hallie reportedly tossed a pistol owned by her husband Hunter Biden into the garbage at a local supermarket. Provided that the event was handled by Delaware police and the FBI, and that Joe Biden was never under Security … Read more

Why Are The Media Now Silent About The Growing Biden Border Crisis?

Why Are The Media Now Silent About The Growing Biden Border Crisis

New images of refugees crowded together in processing centers at the US frontier, comprising women and girls, have raised scrutiny of President Joe Biden’s government regarding his immigration policies after a dramatic spike in admissions to the United States. Photos from the sorting center in Donna, Texas, depicted citizens waiting for their papers to be … Read more

Welcome To Biden’s New America

Welcome To Biden's New America

Residents in an affluent Atlanta neighborhood are attempting to form their own police department as part of a secessionist movement, as the area is wracked by a crime surge, with murders rising by 80% so far this year. The Buckhead Exploratory Committee, which is made up of members of Atlanta’s wealthiest community, Buckhead, is seeking … Read more

There Will Be No Biden Signature On Latest Stimulus Cheques

Biden Signature

On Tuesday, Jen Psaki, White House press secretary, said that President Joe Biden’s signing would not be on the stimulus checks scheduled to be provided to Americans until the Covid stimulus scheme has been approved. A note on the lower left with the name of the then President, Donald Trump, was included in physical stimulus … Read more

Biden’s Administration To Lift Restrictions On Immigrant Kids

Immigrant Kids

President Joe Biden’s administration is advising long-term centers that house foreign children to relax space limits imposed after the coronavirus pandemic in order to make room for much-needed beds in a facility that is experiencing rapidly rising demand. The US Department of Health and Human Services released a circular on Friday instructing service providers to … Read more