So America is Systematically Racist ~ Is This True?

To Democrats, any social inequality automatically implies that there must be bigotry lying anywhere in the wood pile. More than 110,000 people were imprisoned in the USA in 2018, while over 1,300 men were detained. Would it then suggest that they are being discriminated against? Or are female inmates treated more kindly by the criminal justice system because of ‘female privilege’? Whether they mean ‘fairness,’either 1 million male inmates should be freed next year or 1 million more females should be locked up.

Blacks are eight times more likely to be imprisoned for committing murder, therefore, they are eight times more likely to be guilty of committing murder. about, but six times as often. There are unsavoury people. is convicted on several occasions and had a hundred charges on their criminal record. 20% of the people among the criminal offenders have once been arrested for using a gun on their record.

the court system is rife with institutional injustice The criminal justice system may use a person’s race as a factor in determining how the person is handled. Blacks are investigated, tried, sentenced, and jailed at a far higher pace than whites for the same crime. This is not right…

Criminologists have attempted to demonstrate that the prominence of African-Americans in prisons is the product of criminal-institutional bias for years. They also completed a lot of scientific studies on prosecuting and punishment, and found that blacks are jailed, tried, and sentenced in larger numbers than whites. Disparate sentencing judgments are not made on the basis of race.

Take a close look at the large gaps in illegal offending in NYC” Blacks make up over three-quarters of the country, but they are over 75% of all shooting victims. Hispanic people make up 98% of all of all killings in New York City Whites make up 34% of the city’s population; they are responsible for just 2% of all shootings. Any time they are summoned, the police react with a summary of a person that seems to be of minority ethnicity. From 1991 to 2013, the amount of incidents in which New York City Police shot and killed civilians per year has fallen by two-thirds

Some people think that black males commit crimes rather than their fair-skinned counterparts because of socioeconomic disparities that inequality causes. However, the data show that most disadvantaged individuals, many who receive welfare, are White. White rates of crime are slightly lower than African-American rates. Poverty does not drive crime.

Teachers there wrote in a note that there is a murderer in every classroom where white children are learning. I am weary of white people enjoying their governmental or societal advantages while ignoring or neutralising the suffering of black lives. While I know many people attempt to deny it, I firmly believe that many people of colour have been murdered by white people with violence. Many white mothers see the death of their black children as normal. That’s where the dilemma lies with white children being educated without the knowledge of guilt or responsibility.

I keep hearing that “a serious discussion regarding race is required in America.” In my opinion, this implies we can say the facts. Although the entire reality has not been revealed, so it is socially undesirable. The reality is a sea of white racism over the past few decades.

For example, 2018 is a good example of a year. According to the U.S. DOJ, there were 547,948 incidents of violence by black criminals, opposed to 56,915 acts of violence performed by white offenders in that year. Conjecture it for thirty years and you have had 16 million white people who are unable to speak of sexual violence, including those who were raped, because of being thought of as racists.

the overall homicide victim population is composed of African Americans, but at least 93% of victims are killed by African Americans In the last three and a half decades, more than a quarter of a million African-Americans have been murdered by other African-Americans, and all at the hands of other African-Americans.

while the number of white homicide victims of blacks is usually less than 100. However, this figure hardly incites controversy, nor does it result in black people being killed. When a white person kills a black person, the race issue arises. The truth is that black people are twelve times more likely to be murdered by a white person than by the police.

It may appear that whites are the most likely to commit interracial murders. A popular representation of blacks in the media is the target of racism, particularly in our criminal justice system. It is seen that they are not quite as criminal in the modern world. Blacks commit a third of all the nation’s violent crimes and over half of all the murders in the country. According to TV, blacks just execute eight percent of the violence and death. The risk of being killed by a black individual is significantly higher than the risk of being killed by a white individual. This occurs twice more much on TV than it does in the real world. This further distorts truth.

If we want to get out of this mess, the only action we can take is to face the truth. Blacks are as well as white people are participants in interracial abuse. It is also now suggested that to many the mentioning these or related instances brings out a claim of bigotry, as though reporting the facts were in itself racist. Clearly, a gross double distinction remains when it comes to interracial offences.

Discrimination figures have been used by the Left to put pressure on several police forces to hide the identity of suspects and victims, with sometimes tragic results.

I have explained that the politically acceptable version of the left-wing propaganda that pervades our educational institutions, the newspapers, and our leaders is FALSE. The propaganda claims that the racist police are systematically massacre black citizens, whites are militant white supremacists, and the United States is an offensive, white supremacist nation. By far, the USA is the least discriminatory country on the earth, and white people are the least racist people.

the purpose of the narrative is to deepen people’s distrust of white people There is a fortune to be had when identifying yourself as a survivor. The storey is used to mask black men’s brutality against civilians. The bottom line is that it stems from the disdain that derives from hatred of President Trump, of free enterprise, conservatives, and Christianity in the United States.

Look, I am a Marxist, but that does not mean I want to control others! “Are you expecting this to happen? Check out what your great-great great-great grandfather did to your great-great-grandfather!” However, that remains a mystery. It may be that my great-great grandfather escorted blacks to freedom, engaged in anti-slavery activity, or was killed at Shiloh. There are also black people of our school system who instead of feeling gratitude because of the high quality of the system. The day they were born in America was the best one of their lives.

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  1. I would have to say NO, but a lot depends on where you live. Some Liberal run cities tend to push a divided agenda.


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