Should All Men face A 6PM Curfew? Baroness Jones Thinks Yes

A Green Party peer proposed that after 6 p.m. men could be prohibited from being outside to render people “even better” following the kidnappings and attempted murder of Sarah Everard in London.

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Baroness Jones made this remark after a vote on domestic abuse in the House of Lords.

The topic of the protection of women has once again been raised by the abduction of Ms Everard, 33, when she went to Brixton from the home of her friend in Clapham, South-West London, on 3rd March.

Human Remains Discovered

Met Commissioner Cressida Dick last night reported that human remains were discovered in a week-long hunt for managers in woodlands near Ashford in Kent.

A current Metropolitan Policeman, Wayne Couzens, was detained and interrogated by investigators when he was suspected of murder and kidnapping.

Talking in the House of Lords yesterday night Baroness Jones, a wife and mother of girls said, ‘In the week where Sarah Everard was kidnapped, and we presume to be dead, because traces of it were discovered in the woods in Kent, I claim that I should change the bill to create a curfew to men on the street after 6 p.m. on the following occasion.

“I think this will make women much safer and reduce sexism of all sorts.”

Women Should Feel Safe Walking The Streets

It happened that Priti Patel said “A woman should be comfortable walking the streets without fear of abuse or assault,” in the middle of rising demands for action to save streets for women in the evening.

The Home Secretary claimed that ‘a woman can feel relaxed going down the street,’ while thousands of people posted their rough personal experiences with #saraheverard and #TooManyMen as they declared their revocation.

Mrs Patel promised “to do everything possible to shield women and girls from abuse and assault.” She thanked women for expressing their own social networking experiences.

The absence of Ms Everard has kindled outrage about the concerns of protection of women with hundreds of women sharing publicly the anxiety they have endured isolated, day or night, in public.

This street marches are now being held to demonstrate that the women can feel secure regardless of the time of day.

Downing Street said today that the government has been collaborating with “law enforcement authorities, organisations, the women’s party” to establish a women’s protection policy.

Asked what realistic action the government does now, the official Speaker of the Prime Minister assured the Westminster briefing it “That would improve our ability to combat current and new ways of abuse against women and women including upskirting and vengeance porn,” he said.

‘The Prime Minister said earlier that his intention remains to make sure we are working to mitigate crime around the world.’

Downing Street has refused to support Conservative London mayoral nominee Shaun Bailey, who politize absence as part of his bid before the May election.

Sir Keir Starmer said that it is important “to consider the extent of abuse, coercion and sexism experienced by women and girls on a daily basis.”

No Woman Can Walk Home With Fear Or Danger

The Labor Leader said at the outset of his local electoral campaign: ‘No woman can walk home with fear or danger.

‘We must also be clear: only by understanding the level of abuse, coercion and sexism will women and girls be met with on a regular basis.’

The officer detained on MPO was detained on Tuesday night on fear of kidnapping and on the next day was arrested on charges of murder and a further charge of indecent exposure.

Lady Cressida wanted to convince everyone and said, happily it’s unbelievably unlikely that a woman is snatched from our streets.

“But I fully understand, women in London and the general public – particularly those in the region of Sarah’s disappearance – are concerned, and they may feel frightened.” She said.

The Met said the key duty of the detained officer was to standardised diplomatic control, but not to state where he had served. He was not in operation at the time of the disappearance of Ms Everard.

The diplomatic security unit is responsible for the safety of the Parliamentary properties, like Downing Street and the Westminster Palace and the London embassies.

A woman was convicted in her 30s on the theory that she was helping an inmate.

In describing the circumstances of the kidnapping of Miss Everard as ‘wild and wicked,’ Dame Cressida said that the capture had ‘sent waves of shock and indignation’ to the people and their troops.

She added: ‘The report today that he was an accused Metropolitan Police Officer on suspicion of the assassination by Sarah, has sent waves of fear and wrath through the public and the whole Met.

‘I talk for all my Met fellow Members when I claim that we are absolutely appalled at the awful news. Our task is to police and secure the streets.

‘The study is massive, rapidly moving and very resolute. We have hundreds of officers and employees who work 24 hours a day.

‘The loss of Sarah in these horrific and wicked conditions is the greatest fear of any family.

Kidnaps On The Streets Are Still Rare

‘I know Londoners would like to know that fortunately the kidnapping of a woman from our streets is extremely unusual.

“But I fully understand that, notwithstanding that, women are worrying and could well be frightening in London and the general population – especially those in the region where Sarah was absent.

‘You can expect continued high levels of police patrols and very important investigation activities in that field.’

Yesterday the officers were looking for an unused mini-golf park and recreation centre surrounded by acres of woods near Ashford, until the announcement that human remains were found.

In the last documented place near Sarah on Poynders Road, detectives focused their energies on finding grasses and pools in Clapham Common but turned their attention as teams travelled 80 miles to Kent to make the arrests..

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  1. I realize that it is awful that a women can be kidnaped and killed off the streets of London but this does not warrant a UK ban on all men outside after 6pm, that is just madness. Even though these feminists don’t want to believe it, the vast majority of men are perfectly capable of controlling their sexual urges.


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