Prince Harry has accepted a role at BetterUp, a Silicon Valley startup

Prince Harry has accepted a role at a startup in Silicon Valley.

e will be the chief impact officer for the startup company called BetterUp, according to the Wall Street Journal, which broke the news first. Obviously, the title isn’t as noble as “Duke of Sussex,” but it’s a whole lot better than, say, news-writer man.

BetterUp is a company that supplies coaching and behavioral wellbeing resources to customers, according to CNN. Arry is now identified as a member of the management team on the company website, and his company profile describes him as a humanitarian, war veteran, mental health supporter, and environmentalist in the first paragraph.

This new role comes only days after he and his partner, Meghan Markle, delivered a much-hyped conversation with Oprah Winfrey that mesmerized Twitter and revealed information about why they decided to quit the UK and take a break from their public duties as members of the British royal family. They have discussed how their former jobs affected their mental wellbeing and had discussions regarding security, ethnicity, and financing.

The pair actually reside in the state of California.

During his tenure as a serving royal, Harry collaborated on a UK mental disorders campaign targeting young people named “Heads Together” with his sibling (Prince William) and sister-in-law (Kate Middleton).

Harry’s position at BetterUp will be “relevant and meaty,” according to Alexi Robichaux, the company’s CEO. His current job would apparently need him to have guidance on strategy choices as well as charitable donations. He’ll also speak out on mental wellbeing issues in the public eye. It is unknown how much income he will receive.

In a business blog article, Harry mentioned that both he and Robichaux shared a passion for assisting others. He also claims that BetterUp training has helped him personally.

Learning with a BetterUp mentor has proven to be very beneficial to me, Harry said. “I was paired with an absolutely fantastic mentor who has provided me with invaluable guidance and a new outlook.”

It’s unclear if Harry’s new role will be full-time or part-time. He and Meghan are now the founders of their own charitable organization. They still have multimillion-dollar partnerships with firms including Netflix and Spotify, according to NBC News.

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