President Xi Of China Demands His Troops Are Combat Ready

China expects to increase its military budget considerably in the coming years against the backdrop of increasing tensions with the USA, Taiwan and India. Head of State Xi now calls for his military to be constantly ready to assert Beijing’s interests at all times.

The growth of the armed forces would concentrate on “battle readiness,” the official news agency Xinhua quoted the President at the meeting the day before. Xi Jinping said that the current five-year strategy from 2021 to 2025 is a positive start to reinforce national security and the army.

At the conclusion of its one-week meeting on Friday, the People’s Congress will support the draught with the direction and a clear rise in military expenditures this year by 6.8 percent.

It is a question of creating a “high-profile strategic dissuasion,” Xi Jinping said. The People’s Liberation Army would “definitely defend the interests of national sovereignty, stability and progress.” Innovation must fuel military progress. More interventions are needed to become scientifically and technologically autonomous. Innovation must be vigorously pushed in.

In the midst of growing disputes with the USA and Taiwan, frontier conflicts with India, and the conflicts over islands and coastal areas in the East and South China Seas, the modernisation and extension of the Chinese military takes place.

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