Peace Talks Planned For The Royal Family

Her Queen, 94, issued a statement approximately two days after the pair’s televised conversation, claiming that the accusations must be treated “very seriously.”

Claims that a member of the household was worried about Archie’s skin tone would be examined and “addressed personally,” according to the Queen.

Meghan, 39, broke down crying during an Oprah interview in which she and Harry, 36, exposed the challenges they encountered inside the Firm, prompting her extraordinary reaction.

“The whole family is devastated to hear the full scope of how difficult the last several years have been for the couple,” the palace said in a statement.

“The problems posed, particularly the topic of race, are alarming. While some recollections may differ, they are all taken seriously and will be discussed personally by the family.

“Harry, Meghan, and Archie will all be cherished guests of the royal family.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were notified of the declaration before it was issued by Buckingham Palace, but only by officials.

In the coming days, the Queen is supposed to call the pair personally and talk with them on the phone.

The Queen would directly question senior royals as part of the inquiry into the bigotry allegations.

She’ll have private meetings with Charles, Camilla, William, Kate, and others to find out what was meant.

While Harry and Meghan have declined to name the suspected royal bigot, Oprah has been advised that it is not the Queen or Prince Philip, who is 99 years old.

And persons familiar to Prince Charles stressed this week that he was not biassed against the pair and that he was proud of Britain’s non-racist status.

Her Majesty is claimed to have issued a “three-line whip” to discourage employees from addressing the situation in public.

It appears in the form…

Insiders say that during the interview, Prince Harry pressed the ‘nuclear button’ on his family.

The’snotty’ Prince Harry was hung up on by Thomas Markle.

When Kate Middleton attempted to apologise for an incident involving flower girl costumes, Meghan Markle is said to have closed the door in her face.

Oprah made an announcement. The Queen and Prince Philip, according to Prince Harry, were not the Royals who shared anxiety about Archie’s skin colour.

Prior to their reception, Harry and Meghan had a discreet ‘exchange of vows.’

You will read the entire text of the interview here.

Buckingham Palace has not been shown the two-hour video until it screened in the United States, and they were said to be frozen by “horror and dismay” afterward.

“It’s hard to overstate how saddened everyone is by what has happened,” a person told the Daily Mail.

“People are in a state of denial as a result of what has transpired, and some workers would love to openly deny some of the accusations made against them.”

“However, the Queen has taken a very measured and prudent approach. She is setting a good precedent for others to follow.

This is something she and her family will have to deal with.

There is always a long way to go,

they said,

but eventually things will start to shift in the right direction so that bridges can be constructed.

Meghan and Harry’s public relations staff stated that they “needed to say more,” but that their Oprah interview would have been the “last word” on the family feud.

They also confirmed that the case had been


and that they wished to

move on.

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