Is This Another Human Sacrifice To Quiet The Race Baiters?

We serve white men as offerings to the PC idols in America today, on a daily basis. Those individuals we have supported include among our positive deeds: Jake Gardiner, Stacey Wilson, the Duke Lacrosse players, and University of Virginia fraternity men.

So we should stop getting put next in the queue. We just hold our eyes down and hope we’re not picked to be placed on any potential wait lists.

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At least, the Duke and University of Virginia controversies had a few influential members of the upper class by their side in the way of defense. But a black person, a bartender, a member of the police force, and a midwesterner? Completely not our kind, darling.

Currently, a police cop, Derek Chauvin, has been put on trial for his behavior on the defensive after smartphone footage surfaced showing him lying on Floyd’s neck to stop him from escaping. This is what you may recall: That’s why the United States will burn in 2020.

Coroners Report States George Floyd Did Not Die As Result Of Neck Injury

Although the coroner’s report specifies that the deceased did not suffer as a consequence of his knee accident, his autopsy findings indicate that he was murdered by his neighbor’s bullet wound.

Hold tight. Let me patch the a pothole for you! Maybe our nation didn’t have to undergo eight months of upheaval, but it would have been nice.

Instead of going on with my usual practice of quoting the standard media “reality check,” I will supply the autopsy results by the Hennepin County Coroner, Andrew Baker:

  • There were no accidents that were deemed life-threatening; no one needed hospitalization, and no one required care.
  • None in the face, mouth, and no mucosal dots, in the mouth and throat
  • It was excised, but no damage to the vocal or laryngeal muscles or tissues was detected.
  • CTC There is no scalp trauma, no spinal injuries, and only light symptoms of bleeding in the brain.
  • Or something was noted after the infant was resuscitated, no further rib fractures or the viens (or vertebral column) were detected, and there were no records of bowel contusions (other than the CPR rib fracture)
  • An examination which expands on the scope of the incision and exploration of the anterior and lateral neck, back, shoulders, and buttock, and lower abdominal incisions as well as being negative
  • To state that the eyes did not get bloodshot, and to state that there was no trauma on some sections of the neck

Actual Medical Proof Suggests Not Asphyxia

But after hearing this constantly from lawyers, witnesses, reporters, and the public, one might suspect that Chauvin “squeezed the soul” of the other day. The medical proof suggests that it was not asphyxia, not carbon dioxide toxicity, that contributed to his demise.

All of the evidence against Chauvin was destroyed in the firefight. This guy wearing the coat isn’t pushing people geeks to give up their religious traditions. The screeching crowd will keep trying its utmost to make sure of that. There is no telling how long it will be until the sun rises again! It’s entirely possible that the whole city of Minneapolis might be destroyed! It really might be possible.

Enough Drugs In George Floyds System To Kill 3 People

However, the medical examiner discovered that Floyd had enough fentanyl in his system to be “lethal” as well — in this case, I try to avoid making broad assumptions.I’ve only reduced the number of horses to two, and I’ll only get rid of the whole squad of the Budweiser Clydesires. In medically scientific terms, it’s called xenotransplantation, and in layman’s terms, trans-fusion.

Also, certain blood medications and psychoactive agents which have never been used in humans before (and have, in reality, thus, experimental side effects)

10 nanograms per milliliter

To conclude, “Toxicology” is a particularly perilous aspect of food chemistry. As well as fentanyl, methamphetamphetamines, other amphetamines, among other narcotics, are also found in the inventory of potential compounds.

However the medical examiner calls this “a lethal dose of fentanyl,” meaning, and a range of 3 to 19 nanograms per milliliter (ng/mL) is known as the “normally lethal dose,” 11 ng/mL is what they cited as “there have already been reported levels of fentanyl toxicity at milligram per liter concentrations.”

Lethal Dose Of Fentanyl

Baker hastened to include, “I am of course not suggesting this was the cause of his demise.” Please, don’t give me to the gods of progressivism. There’s no reason to disrupt something in my test tubes. (Whereas everybody believed lawyers were cowardly, you’ve learned that lawyers are truly hard-nosed (And more than you assumed).

I’m beginning to think we’re going to see yet another demonstration of the left’s lack of scientific reasoning.

In addition to this, leftists have dismissed the principle of creation. Cosmologists deny that there was a former period when the universe was not expanding.

Some news agencies reported the O.J. Simpson trial in which prosecutors said his wife’s blood was found on the pair of gloves his own attorney presented to the jury to be —the O.J. Simpson trial in which prosecutors alleged that his wife’s blood was on the gloves he had given the jury to interpret DNA evidence

As it is yet to strike in this region, it has not happened in this area, we have no need to fear, or there is no proof to suggest that it is happening in this area.

Because of the left’s absolute refusal to admit evidence of any other theories of how cancer and breast implants are caused, several billions of dollars have been lost and millions of businesses have been ruined (since the 1970s).

Pondering his options, the boy suddenly noticed that if he stayed in the city, he would only have $20 in his pocket at the end of the month.

One additional point we should make about this is “pharmacology!”

Possessing yourself with the knowledge to tell whether anyone has been injecting himself with illegal substances by inserting a needle through anyone’s arm? There is a lot of glurge in that story. It is complete and absolute nonsense, much like the moon landing.

Is This Whole Prosecution A Scam?

In other words, this prosecution is a scam. They are using the full resources of the state and all of the media to defame Derek Chauvin, along with a brigade of left-wing activists and the country’s best lawyers.

It should be remembered that in addition to being Minnesota’s chief lawyer, the state has also recruited Neal Katyal, a former United States solicitor general who may not have expertise with the extremely specialized fields of monopoly litigation, to help with the trial. More remarkable is that a large number of attorneys are working for the District Attorney out of generosity of their own time. Chauvin is fully accessible to the administration, and it has infinite tools at its disposal to prosecute him.

There is only one objection to Atticus “Chauvin’s” Finch’s lawsuit, which is that his case would take years to plan and finish; years of planning would be needed for the “in Finch’s lone defense”. This attorney can get up to $1 million in cash from the MN Police and Poice of Defense Legal Expenses System as compensation for his defense. If needed, he will hire the other lawyers in the system to work with him, and will work for them on a revolving staff. People may use one million dollars in a limited amount of time unless they are donating their time as well.

It was a one-sided rivalry in the sense that there was plenty of evidence to suggest O.J was guilty and evidence to suggest he was innocent.

$27 Million Lawsuit Settled Mid Trial

The Minnesota city settled the Bergemann/Berge family’s case for a massive $27 million during the midst of jury selection, because no one on the jury appeared sensitive to their cause. This mistrial will have lengthy negative ramifications for Charles Manson, who is somehow “guilty of indirectly” of this accusation of having extended to eight murders or the burden of proof having been laid at his doorstep. “

What does this $27 million deal with the relatives of the supposed victim’s estate imply regarding the defendant’s character?

If it seems like a black people want to lynch Chauvin on the news television, because no one can think of any other excuse but that he perpetrated the offense, the deed, so the station could be in danger of burning down.

In the face of the most shameful treatment, Jim Crow was defended and opposed not only by a few individuals, but the whole nation.

We beg of you, the Woken Gods, let his human sacrifice be worthy of acceptance.

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