Government Secret Service Involved In Biden Gun Incident

Politico confirmed Thursday that Secret Service agents were involved in an altercation in which Hunter Biden’s wife Hallie reportedly tossed a pistol owned by her husband Hunter Biden into the garbage at a local supermarket.

Provided that the event was handled by Delaware police and the FBI, and that Joe Biden was never under Security Detail surveillance at the time, the Secret Service’s suspected role in the incident may be unacceptable, according to police sources.

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Records from the United States Secret Secret Service show that the department did not offer cover to any members of the Biden household in 2018, and also that the Secret Service had no role in this reported event, the agency reported.

Hallie Biden Stole Hunter’s Revolver

Hallie Biden stole Hunter’s.38 revolver and tossed it in the garbage outside Janssen’s Market in Wilmington, Delaware, on October 23, 2018. After warning Hunter the same day, he informed her to go back and get the pistol, but when Hallie returned to get it, the gun was absent from the garbage can.

Hallie informed the shop manager, who in turn informed the Delaware police. According to the police documents reviewed by Politico, the shooting raised fears since the shop was located across the road from a school, and officers became concerned that the pistol would be used in a felony. The FBI, which had been looking into Hunter’s taxes at that point, is said to have referred to the event as well.

Two security personnel appeared at StarQuest Shooters & Survival Supply, the weapons store where Hunter purchased the revolver, at the same moment as Delaware police were interviewing Hallie and Hunter, according to two sources acquainted with the event. The agents demanded that the gun’s owner, Ron Palmieri, hand over the Weapons Transaction Data that Hunter had completed in order to buy the weapon.

the agents were trying to conceal Hunter’s possession of the Gun

Palmieri, on the other hand, allegedly declined because he believed the agents were trying to conceal Hunter’s possession of the gun. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms is in charge of the possession documents, which Palmieri turned over to the ATF the day after the event. Politico reached out to Palmieri for clarification, but he refused.

Hunter’s overseas financial dealings were brought up during Joe Biden’s presidential campaign, which raised concerns about them. Hunter revealed in December 2020 that the FBI and the Internal Revenue Service were looking into his “tax relations,” referring to the investigation that was ongoing at the time of the suspected revolver incident.

On December 9, Hunter said, “I heard for the first time yesterday that the United States Attorney’s Office in Delaware told my legal team, also yesterday, that they will be examining my tax relations.”

Joe Biden Made Comments To Help His Son

Joe Biden has made a number of comments in favor of his son, who has battled opioid abuse for much of his adult years.

The Biden campaign staff stated in December that “President-elect Biden is very supportive of his son, who has battled through tough obstacles, including the harsh character insults of recent weeks, just to grow stronger.”

Politico confirmed on Thursday that Hunter Biden might have committed a crime by misleading a background investigation before buying a gun.

As part of the background search, Biden responded “no” to the query “Are you an illegal consumer of, or dependent on, marijuana or any other depressant, stimulant, narcotic medication, or other controlled substance?” On October 12, 2018, Biden completed a Firearms Transaction Record in order to buy an a.38 revolver, and the check was implemented on that record.

Politico received copies of the sales log as well as a receipt for the weapons for a story about Secret Service agents supposedly interfering when President Biden’s daughter-in-law dropped the gun into a garbage can.

Hunter Biden has struggled with opioid use for most of his adult life

Hunter Biden has struggled with opioid use for most of his adult life, and he was released from the Military in 2014 following a failed drug screening. In 2017, police arrested Hunter with a meth pipe in his vehicle, and in 2016, an attacker shot a pistol at him as he was attempting to buy drugs in Southern California.

Hunter Biden is set to release a book about his battle with drug abuse next month.

Hunter Biden’s taxes are reportedly being investigated by the IRS, and his offshore company activities were scrutinized during his Dad’s presidential campaign. In February, the Biden government ordered other U.S. attorneys named by President Trump to withdraw, but U.S. Attorney David Weiss of Delaware, who been heading the tax inquiry, stayed in his place.

A Justice Department official informed Sinclair Broadcasting that the FBI began investigating Hunter Biden and his associates in 2019 on allegations of money laundering.

the federal inquiry is already underway

According to the official from the Department of Justice, the federal inquiry is already underway.

The news comes after Tony Bobulinski, Hunter Biden’s former business associate, came forward with a cache of information relating to the Biden family’s business relations with the now-defunct Chinese energy company CEFC. Although Joe Biden has denied ever communicating with Hunter concerning his overseas business activities, Bobulinski suspects the former vice president is dishonest.

Furthermore, Bobulinski informed Sinclair that he was interrogated for five hours by FBI agents last Friday and was identified as a “material witness” for the department.

According to Bobulinski, the interview “was a really cooperative deep dig into all the details over the time span” during which he did business with members of the Biden family.

The New York Post announced earlier this month that it had received information from Hunter Biden’s laptop. Although a subsequent Fox News story reported that the FBI had subpoenaed Hunter Biden’s laptop in conjunction with a money laundering scheme, Sinclair’s report on Thursday is the first indication that Hunter Biden is the target of an open criminal investigation.

The Biden campaign has not contested the accuracy of any of the documents obtained by the Post or Bobulinski. The campaign, on the other hand, claims that “Joe Biden has never even imagined becoming engaged in business with his relatives, let alone any overseas business.”

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