Good News Prince Phillip Leaves Hospital

After a month-long stay in hospital for surgery, the Duke of Edinburgh is indeed in excellent shape.

On the 16th of February, Prince Philip, 99, was taken to King Edward VII’s hospital in the city Centre after becoming ill.

Afterward, at St Bartholomew’s Hospital in London, he received major surgery for a pre-existing cardiovascular disease.

The Duke of Westminster has returned to Windsor Castle.

The duke was discharged “following surgery for an illness and a good operation for a pre-existing disease,” according to a statement released by Buckingham Palace on Tuesday.

“His Royal Highness wishes to express his gratitude to all the medical professionals who cared for him… as well as anyone who has given him good wishes,” the statement added.

In a wheelchair, Prince Philip exited the hospital through a side door and was aided into the backseat of a waiting vehicle.

Prince Charles, who visited his father in hospital during his stay, told journalists that it was indeed “very good news” and that he was “thrilled” that his dad had gone back home during a tour with the Duchess of Cornwall to a pop-up vaccine centre in London.

He also mentioned that he had met with the Duke of Edinburgh.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s spokesperson said the PM “continues to wish Prince Phillip a speedy recovery,” adding that the PM was “of course” delighted to see the duke back to Windsor.

The Queen, 94, and Prince Philip, 94, have spent the latest lockdown in England staying at the Berkshire residence with a select number of household staff known as HMS Bubble.

In January, the couple, who have been together for 73 years, got their first Covid-19 shots.

The explanation for his initial hospitalization has not been revealed, although the Palace stated at the time that it was unrelated to the coronavirus.

Prince Philip was referred to Barts for specialist care after being admitted to King Edward VII Hospital, and underwent heart surgery on March 3rd.

Later, he returned to King Edward VII’s hospital, a private facility that has handled the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh, and other senior royals on many occasions.

During his 28-night stay in hospital, which was his longest ever, members of the Royal Family went about their official duties.

In addition to an urinary tract infection in 2012 and exploratory surgery on his belly in June 2013, the duke, who retired from official duties in 2017, has undergone therapy for other health issues over the years.

The Queen knighted a royal aide at a private socially-distanced ceremony at Windsor last month, marking her first face-to-face occurrence of the year.

She also had a number of virtual sessions, including with scientists, representatives of the armed forces, and Chancellor Rishi Sunak, as well as maintaining her weekly telephone meeting with Mr. Johnson.

Prince Philip’s hospitalization coincided with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s interview with Oprah Winfrey, during which the Royal Family was accused of bigotry and a lack of mental health care.

The concerns were worrying, according to Buckingham Palace, and while “few recollections could differ,” the matter was a family matter that would be dealt with privately.

Meghan told Oprah that after learning that the Duke of Sussex had been admitted to the hospital, she called the king personally “just to check in.”

Gayle King, a television host in the United States, said she met with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on Tuesday and was told that talks between Harry and his brother, Prince William, and aunt, Prince Charles, were “not fruitful.”

Despite the fact that the talks did not result in anything, Ms King told CBS This Morning that the pair were “glad” that they had started talking.

“I think what is really troubling them is that the Palace keeps saying they want to sort it out personally, but they feel these fake stories are still coming out that are really disparaging against Meghan-no one in the Royal Family has spoken to Meghan yet,” she said.

Buckingham Palace has chosen to remain silent on the matter.

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