Do You Really Need That New Health Product?

I must confess that if I see a convincing commercial for a new health or wellness product or hear about a tantalising pattern, I’m as tempted as the next person. Occasionally, everything seems to be cool! I see myself as the viewers in the advertisement, reaping the expected benefits—and then I snap out of it and ask myself two questions.

Is this a viable solution to a genuine issue?

Is this the most effective method for resolving the issue?

Both queries easily root away nonsense, but the second has the additional benefit of assisting you in finding the right answer to whatever the dilemma is. Maybe you don’t purchase the item advertised in the commercial, but you find something better, cheaper, or more desirable as a result of your investigation.

As an illustration, consider the following scenario: There is a business that sells electrolyte material that you can mix with water in a water glass. The substance will “deliver hydration to your bloodstream quicker & more effectively than water alone,” according to the advertisement copy. So here are the two problems we’ve come up with:

Have I been stumped by the inefficiency with which I can bring hydration into my bloodstream? No, it’s not true.

The second issue isn’t really essential.

Is it to say that all electrolyte powders are ineffective? No, not at all. It all depends on the dilemma they’re attempting to resolve. I’d like to make sure I’m replacing the sodium I sweat out if I were practising for a marathon and performing a couple of fast, humid runs. As a result, I could look at the same product but begin by asking a different question:

Is this going to help me get sufficiently electrolytes when I’m out running? Yes, as long as the sticker is in good working order.

Is this the most effective method for resolving the issue? Ok, maybe. There are a few choices available to me.

Electrolyte tablets and powders are available on the market, and they’re handy because you can hold them dry and apply them to your water bottle if required. Another choice is to drink Gatorade that has been watered down. Another choice is to drink plenty of water and leave the electrolyte replenishment to my post-run lunch. Now that I’ve compiled a collection of possibilities, I can weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each. Maybe I’ll end up buying the item that started this thinking phase, or maybe I’ll find that another solution solves my dilemma better.

Let’s see what else we can come up with. (All of these are items I’ve recently seen advertised.)

Supplements that improve the immune system:

Do they have a solution to a genuine issue? In that way, yeah. I don’t want to get ill.

Are they the most effective means of resolving this issue? No, increasing the immune system’s strength isn’t a cure-all. If I’m concerned about contracting COVID, I’ll try to remain at home as far as possible and carry masks while I’m out and about.

Plastic barbells that are light in weight:

Do they have a solution to a genuine issue? Yes, if I didn’t even have weights at home, I’d like to have something I could lift without having to spend in a full-fledged home gym.

Are they the most effective means of resolving this issue? Ok, they’re all pricey and don’t really carry any weight (I’ve been advertised many brands). So, if I start working out with them now, I’ll have to move to something heavy soon. I’d be best off investing in a more flexible piece of equipment, such as hard resistance bands or a couple of kettlebells, or saving up for a proper barbell and plates.

Leggings with pockets are available in a variety of colours and styles.

Do they have a solution to a genuine issue? And, absolutely. Clothing without pockets is the bane of my life.

Are they the most effective means of resolving this issue? Yes, it’s an idea. In terms of the individual product, some leggings labels are more comfortable and durable than others. I sought reviews from friends and now own many pairs of pocketed leggings that I adore.

Since the two questions are about if the product addresses a dilemma for you, the responses to them would be confidential. Give them a shot the next time you come across a commodity or pattern (or even a fitness style!) that appeals to you.

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