Covid19 Did Not Come From Chinese lab Says Dr. Anthony Fauci

Dr. Anthony Fauci, a senior advisor to President Biden on the covid pandemic, stated that he does not think the coronavirus developed in a Chinese pathogen-research laboratory, contradicting divisive remarks made earlier in the day by Dr. Robert Redfield, the former director of the CDC.

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Redfield, who worked as the CDC chief under the Trump presidency — reignited a controversy that has raged since the pandemic started, speaking on CNN only days before the Washington coronavirus response team was scheduled to brief representatives of the public. SARS-CoV-2 is a virus that originated in China.

Virus Not Animal Derived Claims Redfield

Redfield claimed that it was not derived from an animal, claiming that its high degree of human disease transmission implied a level of human interaction, if not actually motive. “I can not think this comes from a bat to a human,” he added, since the virus might not have had the potential to become “one of the most infectious viruses we recognize in mankind for human-to-human transmission” almost instantly.

Rather, he said, the epidemic “managed to escape” from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, a lab that has become the target of both true and illegitimate conspiracy theories.

China Not A Challenge To USA Claims Biden

Biden has attempted to portray China as a powerful adversary, but not as a challenge to the United States’ existence. Continued pressure on Beijing to identify the source of the coronavirus may throw the delicate balance off. Since then-President Donald Trump portrayed the pandemic in starkly racist language, including comparisons to the “China virus” and the “kung flu,” the subject is highly charged. Many people suspect that such language played a role in the latest assaults on Asian Americans.

Fauci said the virus actually established its airborne transmission in late 2019, prior to epidemiologists becoming informed of its presence, at a press conference held by the White House coronavirus response team.

“This virus had been circulating in China, most likely in Wuhan, for a month or more until it was scientifically identified at the end of December 2019,” according to Fauci. “If that was the case, the virus might have clearly evolved to a higher efficiency of transmissibility during that time frame.”

Fauci began his career as a federal public health agent in the United States just as the HIV/AIDS outbreak was gaining traction. The disease’s causes were also a hot topic of discussion.

Wuhan Lab Theory Not True Says Fauci

“Dr. Redfield explained that he was sharing his views on a possible situation. However, the majority of citizens believe in other options, “Fauci continued, making it obvious that he did not think the laboratory theory was true.

Dr. Rochelle Walensky, who took over as director of the CDC after Redfield stepped down, said she was waiting to read a World Health Organisation study on the coronavirus’s roots. She seems more worried about the virus’s etiology than about the spread of new strains, which might extend the pandemic through the summer, considering the reality that millions of Americans are being immunized every day.

Later on Friday, when questioned about Redfield’s remarks, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said the administration would study the WHO article carefully. She condemned China for “horrendous human rights violations” in answer to another issue.

Indeed, Redfield’s provocative comment comes at a period when ties between China and the United States seem to be worsening. Beijing has been accused by senior officials in the Biden government of being uncooperative in helping investigators to grasp the crucial early stages of the epidemic, when the coronavirus may have been prevented from being a global pandemic.

Many Americans Do Not Trust China

Human rights, land claims, proprietary information, and commerce are all issues that the United States is concerned with with China. According to a Pew poll published earlier this month, many Americans have a pessimistic opinion of China, with the plurality calling for sanctions on Chinese students’ access to enter American universities. Some Republicans want to look at Chinese-American “sister cities,” an apparently harmless relationship that some say is being exploited by Beijing for espionage and control.

Around the same time, Asian Americans in the United States have been targeted for attacks, including a fatal shooting in Atlanta. According to a new poll conducted by USA Today and Ipsos, a quarter of Americans claim China is to blame for the epidemic. “It was published in China, so the buck has to end there,” a woman from Arizona told pollsters.

Former Baltimore health commissioner Dr. Leana Wen took to Twitter to attack the former CDC director. “I hope Redfield clarifies his facts,” she said, “because this speculation risks fueling anti-Asian sentiment.”

The World Health Organization has reported that the Wuhan laboratory would not be named as a virus source in its upcoming research. Although the laboratory theory has been downplayed by US authorities, they have expressed their displeasure with China’s data sharing.

Back In The WHO Again Says Biden

Biden also announced that his government would once again be a leading WHO participant, in line with his desire for global alliances.

That isn’t to say that with the transition of presidential administrations, all questions regarding the scope of the WHO’s work in China have gone out.

Last month, Biden’s national security advisor, Jake Sullivan, said, “Re-engaging the WHO often involves keeping it to the highest expectations.” “We have significant reservations about how the early results of the COVID-19 inquiry were conveyed, as well as doubts about the mechanism that was used to achieve them.”

Antony Blinken, the Secretary of State, also made a similar argument. In a television interview last month, Blinken said, “China is falling well short of the target when it comes to supplying the requisite facts to the international community.”

The majority of virologists agree the virus is zoonotic, suggesting it transferred from one animal group to humans. Because of the enhanced interaction among wildlife and humans caused by continuing deforestation, zoonotic diseases are likely to become more prevalent.

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