CDC Director Warns Of Impending Doom ~ New Covid Wave?

President Joe Biden and a leading medical official cautioned that far too many Americans are celebrating victory over the virus too soon, urging that mask standards and other controls be preserved or reinstated in order to prevent a new wave of COVID-19. If citizens want to ease off, the CDC’s director said she has a sense of “impending doom.”

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On Monday, Biden announced a series of positive new moves to extend coronavirus vaccines, with all adults being registered over the next five weeks. Biden unveiled proposals to increase the number of retail clinics that prescribe vaccinations as well as investments to make it easier for Americans to get to vaccination sites. However, stark reminders about the possibility of another surge of cases offset the excitement.

It Is A Question Of Life Or Death

“It is a question of life and death,” Biden said, encouraging governors to reimpose mask requirements and other limits that have been eased in several states.

Dr. Rochelle Walensky, head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, was distressed at a virtual White House health conference hours ago when she commented on her experience treating COVID-19 people who are isolated at the end of their lives.

“We have a lot to look forward to, a lot of promise and opportunities for where we are right now, and a lot of reasons to be optimistic,” she said. “However, I’m terrified right now.”

Nagging Sense Of Impending Doom

“I’m going to throw out the script and think about the nagging sense of imminent disaster I’ve had for a long time.”

The number of cases of the virus has increased by around 10% in the last week relative to the earlier week, to about 60,000 cases each day, with hospital admissions and deaths increasing as well, according to Walensky. She cautioned that if urgent action is not taken, the United States would follow European countries through another surge in cases, resulting in premature deaths.

“I have no choice but to tell you the facts, and I have to hope and believe that you will listen,” she said.

We Should Expect The Virus To Worsen

Later Monday, Biden delivered a speech from the White House to the government, declaring, “We should expect the virus to worsen rather than improve if we relax our guard now. People are weakening their protective protocols, which is a negative trend. “

Biden made a strong request to governors, state and municipal officials, asking them to restore mask-wearing restrictions if they had been removed, and encouraging them to delay efforts to relax virus-related prohibitions further.

“Please, this isn’t politics; if you let the mandate down, reinstate it,” he added.

Biden stated that by April 19, at least 90% of the adult population of the United States will be vaccinated and will have access to a vaccine location within 5 miles of their homes. Vaccination in a panic will also be dependent on availability.

Biden has previously ordered that all states declare all adults available for vaccines by May 1, although several have now begun to remove exemption restrictions earlier in expectation of increased availability.

Looking To Expand The Number Of Doses

In the meantime, the White House is aiming to raise the number of pharmacies that enroll in the national retail pharmacy scheme, which has proved to be one of the most effective methods to distribute vaccinations, as well as expand the number of doses that they can provide. Many Americans live by a retail store, and they are comfortable with administering vaccinations such as flu shots.

Biden reported that the United States would receive 33 million doses of COVID-19 vaccination this week, including 11 million single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccinations.

According to CDC results, approximately half of all adults and roughly half of all seniors in the United States are completely vaccinated. The United States set a new single-day high for gunshots on Thursday, with over 3.2 million.

“Now is not the moment to disappoint,” Biden said. “It isn’t the right moment to rejoice right now. It is time for us to focus on what we do best as a country: our responsibilities, our careers, and taking care of one another. “

He said, “Battle to the finish.” “Don’t give up yet,” says the narrator.

Walensky and Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s leading infectious disease specialist, encouraged government officials, city representatives, and average people to maintain social distancing and mask usage.

Fauci Says Lock Downs Lifting To Soon

“We’re doing this too soon,” Fauci said, pointing to recent efforts to relax controls. “Just please hang on a little bit longer,” Walensky pled to Americans.

“We are not powerless; we have the potential to alter the pandemic’s course,” she said.

The surge in outbreaks, according to Walensky, is due to a spike in tourism and the loosening of virus prohibitions. “People are able to bring this behind them. I, too, am eager to put this behind me “she expressed herself.

“Please restrict travel to necessary transportation for the time being,” she reiterated, “as we’ve seen spikes after any single holiday.”

Maybe A National Vaccine Passport?

Meanwhile, the White House also ruled out the development of a national “vaccine passport” for Americans to validate their immunization record, claiming that it would leave it up to the private sector to create a mechanism for individuals to confirm they’ve been vaccinated. Some countries are developing national lists to enable citizens who have been vaccinated to resume regular activities.

Andy Slavitt, White House COVID-19 advisor, said, “We do realize that there is a portion of the populace that is worried that the government will assume an overbearing part in controlling their vaccines.” Officials are afraid that if the federal government is interested, it would “discourage citizens” from becoming vaccinated, he added.

Instead, the administration is focusing on rules for such passports, which would cover anonymity, precision, and equity, although the White House has not specified when they will be ready.

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