Nation Leaders Are Already calling For A global pandemic Treaty

Nation Leaders Are Already Calling For A Global Pandemic Treaty

In a report released Tuesday, upwards of 20 national leaders and global organisations called for a convention on pandemic readyness, claiming that it would secure generations to come in the aftermath of coronavirus. However, there were little explanations given to clarify why such an arrangement would potentially force nations to cooperate further. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, … Read more

Is It Fair That Madrid Parties While The Rest Of Spain Locks Down?

Is It Fair That Madrid Parties While The Rest Of Spain Locks Down?

After the bars shut and the curfew begins at 11 p.m. in Madrid, the true fun continues. That’s when young, multilingual parties of party goers from Ireland, the Nordic countries, France, and, most notably, Germany meet their Spanish friends in the narrow alleys of Old Madrid in search of illegal pleasure. The majority are in … Read more

Finally The EverGreen Ship Is Freed ~ Now The Investigation Starts

Finally The EverGreen Ship Is Freed ~ Now The Investigation Starts

Experts boarded the huge cargo vessel that had been blocking Egypt’s crucial Suez Canal and threatening world commerce for nearly a week on Tuesday, searching for answers to a particular query that could have legal consequences worth billions of dollars: What went wrong? Hundreds of ships sit idle waiting in line in a process that … Read more

North Korea Ramping Up It’s Nuclear Deterrent Since Biden’s Election

North Korea Ramping Up It's Nuclear Deterrent Since Biden's Election

North Korea violated sanctions imposed by launching a test flight of a newly produced offensive guided missile on Thursday. It was North Korea’s first ballistic missile launch in a year, as well as the first aggression of the Biden presidency, leading President Joe Biden to risk responses if problems on the Korean Peninsula intensify further. … Read more

Prince Harry has accepted a role at BetterUp, a Silicon Valley startup

Prince Harry Has Accepted A Role At BetterUp, A Silicon Valley Startup

Prince Harry has accepted a role at a startup in Silicon Valley. e will be the chief impact officer for the startup company called BetterUp, according to the Wall Street Journal, which broke the news first. Obviously, the title isn’t as noble as “Duke of Sussex,” but it’s a whole lot better than, say, news-writer … Read more

President Xi Of China Demands His Troops Are Combat Ready

President Xi

China expects to increase its military budget considerably in the coming years against the backdrop of increasing tensions with the USA, Taiwan and India. Head of State Xi now calls for his military to be constantly ready to assert Beijing’s interests at all times. The growth of the armed forces would concentrate on “battle readiness,” … Read more