Are The US Police Really Racist? The Evidence

A recent poll found that 44% of Democrats agree that over 1,000 blacks were murdered by police in 2019. They estimated conservatively guessed the likelihood of the number to be about 10. This is the real number: For several reasons, this is one of the times where the opinions of Democrats are far from the reality.

It’s not surprising to hear a Democrat make the assertion. According to lawyer and author Ben Crump, “The murder of citizens of coloured people.”

Colin Kaepernick believes America and our flag perpetuate the oppression of black citizens. We are the ones being murdered. We are the ones being targeted. It is hard to understand why we love this land, and it does not return our affection. If you are a Black man, you are at risk of being arrested whenever you leave your house. Black people are afraid in the U.S. Africans, African American men, African American women, and African American children, we are terrified

Actress Julianne Moore believes that “black citizens are being murdered in the parks, being executed in their own homes.” Many celebrities have done reports showing “systemic police racism”.

Members on all sides of the political spectrum come together. The Senator describes “white racism in the criminal justice system.” Senator Gillibrand makes the point, “When white men are the goal, nobody gets shot.” Falsely says Senator Warren claims that Michael Brown was killed by a white police officer in Ferguson, according to him.

“abolish the police” is a rallying cry for Black Matters the Democrats are entirely supportive of BLM The newspapers was largely in agreement. Says the Washington Post that “Policing has to be abolished.” The phrase “yes, we mean literally abolish the police” from the New York Times is right on target.

Will the police known to brutalise black males who have done nothing wrong? Is the death of black males attributed to police racism? Is this really an outbreak of innocent black men shot by the police?

The Evidence

The sobering reality is, the greatest threat for African-Americans is not the involvement of law enforcement. the most hazardous location for an African-American is in a black community the new capital of the territory of Argentina: After much negotiation and debate, Buenos Aires was finally selected as the site for the country’s new political and financial capital.

Even though American citizens are involved in gun violence, just 25% of those murdered by the police are black. Black people comprise 13% of our country. Lone offenders (felons) are involved in 55% of the killings, 61% of the thefts, and 45% of the criminal offences. As a result, they will also be incarcerated at a higher rate than non-Asians, whites or Hispanics. Such individuals are therefore more prone to avoid detention, which explains police brutality.

Men are much more likely to be assaulted by the police than women. We also know this because men commit crimes rather than women, are more aggressive by default, and are much more inclined to pick a battle with the police. The majority of those killed by law enforcement are male.

The likelihood of being shot and killed by a police officer is twice as high for white Americans as for Asian Americans. Yet, no one takes it this as proof of anti-white sentiment. Whites are more than double as likely to commit violence than Asian Americans.

This translates to 375,000,000,000,000,000,000 total encounters between police and civilians per year in the U.S. 100% of those 999 people were shot dead as a result of police encounters (0.0003 percent ). [who] gave up their lives when attempting to quell the riots (0.000003 percent ). the criminal was not awaiting capture (0.0000003 percent ). Critics contend that a “an outbreak of police shootings of unarmed black citizens” Keep in mind, to the public, “unarmed” means unarmed. A baseball bat is understood to be “unarmed” whether the wielder is without a glove.

About 60 million Americans engage with law enforcement at least once a year. Eleven million people are detained last year in the United States. Ninety-nine percent of people are arrested by the police without resistance. the majority of persons who avoid arrest experience no injuries or only suffer from a cut or bruise. a total of sixty thousand police officers each year suffer serious injuries from attack. A black man is 18 times more likely to be killed by a white police officer than a black unarmed person. 42% of the community is at risk of being killed by the police during the last decade, about 6% of blacks are being killed in officer-involved shootings, according to the Washington Post

A survey conducted in the same year in the Journal of the American Medical Association showed that black and white Americans are more prone to be hospitalised at traffic stops. It also found that whites are more likely to be murdered during an arrest.

According to criminology and public policy, the most prevalent “reverse prejudice” is that arises when individuals are worried about the social and legal repercussions of killing someone who was once a part of an economically disadvantaged race, ethnic category.

A 2019 research presented in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reveals that whites are as willing to shoot people as African-Americans and Hispanics. While national attention follows police-involved shootings, white officers are less prone to use deadly force against black offenders than their colleagues, according to most studies.

The study conducted by Washington University showed that the police aim at white people faster than black people and unarmed people are far more likely to be shot than armed.

the effects of his own surprise, the researcher Dr. Roland Fryer at Harvard was forced to conclude that “It is very surprising to see the results. Blacks are 23.5% less likely to be fired during an encounter with the police than white people. If the offender was black, police officers were 47% less likely to use their guns without first being targeted. In sum, white police were much more likely to shoot whites if they were unarmed than they were to target whites.”

“To put it simply, time is cyclical: each period goes through three phases. First comes the Future, then the Present, and then the Past.” “The number of civilians murdered by law enforcement officers each year has dropped. The number of police officers injured in the line of duty has risen meanwhile.”

Do Black Males Get Stopped While Driving?

Frequently is reported as a fallacy that black males are “arrested for driving while black.” It is a complete waste of time. Frequency of white men having personal interaction with the police is higher than that of black men. White males report 0.35 encounters with law enforcement agencies, on average, compared to 0.32 with those of black men and non-white men. There are 0.08 black men and 0.08 white men who are killed by law enforcement last year.

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